Get a feel for the course before your visit by looking at our course map and hole details. We have images and descriptions of the holes to give you an insight into what makes this such an interesting course.

Hole 1

One of the toughest opening holes in the county! Two well struck shots are required to reach the green.

Aim your drive towards the oak tree next to the gap to leave a testing shot into a narrow green protected by a large bunker on the right and another short and left of the putting surface.

WGCGC Hole 1 - 1
WGCGC Hole 1 - 2
WGCGC Hole 1 - 3

Hole 2

The tee shot needs to be hit between the fairway bunkers oneach side of the fairway leaving a second shot to a tricky, sloping two-tier green.

When the hole is cut on the lower tier the golfer has to guard against coming up short because the ball can trickle off the green and all the way down a steep slope.

A back flag is even more testing because the upper tier is narrow and very difficult to hit.

WGCGC Hole 2 - 1
WGCGC Hole 2 - 2

Hole 3

The shortest par-3 on the course is surrounded by trouble on all sides. A deceptively tricky, picturesque hole where the choice of club is essential to avoid the front bunkers which guard the green.

WGCGC Hole 3 - 1
WGCGC Hole 3 - 2

Hole 4

The 4th is not a long hole but it is not easy either. A well struck tee shot will leave only a short shot into a well-guarded elevated green.

However there is out-of-bounds down the left and a line of trees guards the right side of the fairway.

WGCGC Hole 4 - 1
WGCGC Hole 4 - 2
WGCGC Hole 4 - 3

Hole 5

This hole was recently re-bunkered to ensure that golfers can get a better look of the green from the tee. The green is surrounded by sand but is larger than it looks at first sight.

The secret is to take enough club to avoid the front bunkers.

WGCGC Hole 5 - 1
WGCGC Hole 5 - 2

Hole 6

This tricky double dog-leg par-5 requires a well-shaped tee shot to a sloping left to right fairway. The big hitters might have the power to reach the green in two but it is a small target and protected by bunkers on both sides.

For those laying up, the second shot requires precision to avoid a well-placed fairway bunker and leave a simple third to the small green.

WGCGC Hole 6 - 1
WGCGC Hole 6 - 2
WGCGC Hole 6 - 3

Hole 7

A straight tee shot to a narrowing fairway will leave a medium iron over a fairway bunker and into a very long green protected by bunkers on the front right and front left.

A putt from the back to the front of the green might well be faster than you think.

WGCGC Hole 7 - 1

Hole 8

This short par-4 is definitely no pushover because the fairway slopes from left to right and is protected by trees on both sides.

An accurate tee shot will leave a short iron into a green protected by sand on both sides.

WGCGC Hole 8 - 1
WGCGC Hole 8 - 2
WGCGC Hole 8 - 3

Hole 9

This is another hole where a par is often regarded as a bonus. The fairway narrows at the landing area and the second has to be hit over a bunker to a green that slopes off on all sides.

The hedge that runs down the left of the hole is also a constant threat.

WGCGC Hole 9 - 1
WGCGC Hole 9 - 2
WGCGC Hole 9 - 3

Hole 10

The 10th is also dominated by the hedge that separates this from the 9th hole. The hedge is the only obvious threat on this short par-5 but you also have to guard against hitting right into a line of trees.

The green is protected by bunkers on the left and at the front right. The putting surface is one of the most undulating on the course and is very quick from the back to the front.

Few players card a birdie when they hit their approach past the hole.

WGCGC Hole 10 - 1
WGCGC Hole 10 - 2

Hole 11

This is another hole which requires accuracy rather than brute strength. The fairway bunker is out of range for all but the biggest hitters but the approach has to be hit over a bunker to a narrow green that slopes off on three sides.

Out-of-bounds lurks to the rear of the raised green.

WGCGC Hole 11 - 1
WGCGC Hole 11 - 2
WGCGC Hole 11 - 3

Hole 12

The short 12th is one of the toughest holes on the course to secure a par. The out-of-bounds fence runs down the right-hand side of the fairway and all the way round the back of the green.

There are also two well-placed bunkers to contend with if your tee shot is slightly short.

WGCGC Hole 12 - 1
WGCGC Hole 12 - 2

Hole 13

This short par-4 is best described as a classic risk and reward hole. The longer hitters can reach the green if they clear the reservoir and trees that guard the dog-leg, but as often as not anything slightly mis-hit will end up in the water, trees or in one of the bunkers that surround the putting surface.

The alternative is to hit a tee shot up the fairway to leave a wedge or short iron towards the flag. Golfers who elect to go for the green from the tee must wait for the bell to sound.

WGCGC Hole 13 - 1
WGCGC Hole 13 - 2
WGCGC Hole 13 - 3

Hole 14

A great and picturesque par-3. This is one of the best short holes in Hertfordshire and would not be out of place on even the best of Championship venues.

Visually intimidating with a long accurate shot required to carry the dell and reach a well-protected green.

WGCG Hole 14 - 2
WGCG Hole 14 - 3

Hole 15

The par-4 15th is one of those holes where the longer hitters have a distinct advantage. The tee shot needs to be hit between the trees and a group of bunkers but also be long enough to leave an uninterrupted view of the green.

A drive that is hit short or right might mean that you have to lay up rather than go for the green in two.

WGCGC Hole 15 - 1
WGCGC Hole 15 - 2
WGCGC Hole 15 - 3

Hole 16

The big hitters can get close to the green on the 16th but everyone else might elect to hit their tee shot short of the slope leaving a blind second to a green protected by sand on three sides.

The putting surface slopes from left to right and can be very quick if your ball ends up above the hole.

WGCGC Hole 16 - 1
WGCGC Hole 16 - 2

Hole 17

Regarded by many as the signature hole of the course, this tough 600-yard par-5 is a true three-shotter for almost everyone.

The fairway slopes from right to left in the landing area and towards the out-of- bounds. The second must miss a prominent fairway bunker to leave a testing approach to a narrow elevated green that falls away to the front and on the left-hand side.

There are no greenside bunkers but there is a trap some 30-yards short of the green and 2 ponds on the opposite side of the fairway leaving a narrow landing area.

WGCGC Hole 17 - 1
WGCGC Hole 17 - 2
WGCGC Hole 17 - 3

Hole 18

The 18th is a spectacular finishing hole requiring a long, intimidating shot to a narrow two-tier green. Take a good look at this yardage to avoid the front bunker and be aware of the out-of-bounds behind and to the left of the green.

WGCGC Hole 18 - 1
WGCGC Hole 18 - 2